Walleye Article + cover

One of my first things I ever did with actually trying to make a job and name for myself as a spfx artist was being able to do the Halloween cover for a new free magazine called “The Walleye”. They also were so happy with my work they gave me a interview and a write up about how I taught myself to do DIY special effects.


While going to schools for makeup and nails, Scotia fell in love with special effects during her first year and she has been teaching herself new techniques ever since. a very realistic-looking autopsy scar complete with staple done on her best friend was her very first and most memorable special effects jobs. she hasn’t had any really strange requests yet but she says “they are definitely welcome”. “

63031_10150288410920298_550765297_15467374_3225788_n 65343_10150293334095298_550765297_15579214_919803_n 291663_10150758195325298_550765297_20804205_4947830_o

“Intricate details and achieving realism are some of the challenges a makeup artist faces but one looks at Scotia’s portfolio and you would never know it. the thing she loves the most about special effects is the creativity, uniqueness, and the ability to scare people. “


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