The Lakehead At War

“The Lakehad at War” will be debuted on November 4th 2018 at the Thunder Bay Auditorium to start off Veteran’s week and celebrates the 100th anniversary of the end of World War 1.

“The Lakehead at War” is the working title of a docu-drama commemorating the First World War, including the events leading up to the decision on 6 July 1921 to adopt the poppy as Canada’s symbol of remembrance at the Prince Arthur Hotel. The film project includes the production of an interactive website that features a series of “spin-off” short vignettes/testimonials designed to highlight related aspects of the story. The film is funded by the City of Thunder Bay and other sources.

This project is both a commemoration of the sacrifices of the First World War and the documentation of the historical contributions of Thunder Bay and region in the conflict. The First World War (1914-1918) had a significant impact on the communities of Port Arthur and Fort William (now Thunder Bay). Thousands of men and women from the region served in the armed forces during that conflict. The Lakehead at War is a film project that links both the wartime experiences of the former cities of Fort William and Port Arthur, and events following the conflict. It is a story that follows the experiences of local soldiers and those on the home front during the war and intertwines with Flanders Field, Belgium with Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae, Canadian doctor and poet. Of particular importance is the place in history Thunder Bay plays in the designation of the poppy as an international symbol of remembrance.” – Sheba films

Makeup + Hair

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Produced by Sheba films and, Vox Popluar Media. Directed by Kelly Saxberg and Ron Harpelle. I was brought on as Head of Makeup and was assisted by Coralie. I also assisted Tammy Graham of The Strand in the hair department. All photos by Keegan Richard.

special effects moulage

I was very lucky to also have the guidance from military medics and doctors who also let me borrow their Casualty Simulation Kit. These kits are used for army and medical professionals during war and disaster simulations. Full of great pre-made prosthetic with hooked up blood pumps for real life arterial spray and venus pooling. Causality Simulation is something I do really want to get into as I already take most of these traits into my regular jobs as well. Slideshow below is has GRAPHIC PHOTOS.

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Tbnewswatch article.

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