Sugar Skulls

I love sugar skulls, I fell in love when I bought a notebook for school that had Sunny Buick styled sugar skulls, a different one on every page. I found it so interested how much meaning you can put into one skull. (I even ended up getting one tattooed on my leg I loved it so much).


They are very popular so I get many chances to talk to clients about style.

15140_335573700297_550765297_10006550_7570169_n 1394997_10153425644740298_1043040213_n


Every year Def. Sup Art Gallery hires me to do sugar skull flyer girls for their Hunger Festival (biggest Halloween party in Thunder Bay 4000+ people). They go out a month before hand and flyer during a busy bar night downtown.

IMG_2757 Year 1: we had specialty hand crafted hair flowers, so we wanted to match to each colour.





Year 2: Bringing out my Model’s personalities530530_10153297584600298_1453602880_n



Year 3: Each girl had individually styled skulls.






For 2015 I wanted the girls to glow in the dark especially at the nightclubs.

bl sugar skull2 bl sugar skullbl sugar skull3

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