Silver Cedar Studio

I work with Silver Cedar Studio, owned by Katie Ball. I do the makeup and model in most of her fashion shows since 2014. I have recently started to do the makeup for models in her look books for her fashions.

A place where fur, metal and stone collide. Canadian hand made traditional and non traditional garments, hats, scarves, mitts, jewelry and so much more.

first show together, pictured Diane (model), Katie (owner/designer) and myself

11104229_10155475174790298_1808823814_n 11165841_10155475174665298_423753738_n

Second round for the “Metal Goddesses” exclusive makeup. Corsets fashioned by Luc Dupres to fit only us 3 models (more to come for other main models). Steampunk for Candice, Mad Max for me and Gothic Ballet for Diane.


Black Pirates Pub event: Photos by Focus Portraits. Everyone got the same makeup, during the first round I had just done light and natural, the second round was when the gold shadow was applied to all models, and the metal goddesses and alternative ware.


12957664_551367288378900_8855998152440189870_oFB_IMG_1459747545540 FB_IMG_1459747554935

Different looks for the Metal Goddesses

FB_IMG_1459747637203 FB_IMG_1459747652280FB_IMG_1459747428985


Look Book Fall 2016

Photography by Tammy Wende Drombolis

13886228_1096379870450864_346505737904023566_n 13925100_1096379697117548_6889156257312657575_n

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