“Schism” by Curtis Jensen


In 2012 I worked with Curtis Jensen on my first big project and first film ever: “Schism”. A film Noir about a detective who can’t understand whats happening in his relationship. Set in the 40’s, which is my favourite time period.

Working with Apple Wagon Films gave me such a big opportunity and lead to some amazing friendships and different projects.

I was the makeup artist hair stylist and, special effects artist.408045_318413934868470_233348253375039_894843_355212103_n282587_10150758067275298_550765297_20802873_3393159_n

Transitioning hair and makeup from the 30’s to the 50’s, bruising, blood cast off, mens hair, and finally the biggest part was the headshot. When you look down at the non filtered photos, you’ll see that the floor looks a bit different. We were filming in a historic century old home and did not want to stain the floors. So the head of set design made a new floor so we could bleed all over it.

396303_10151239083085298_550765297_23476779_715946639_n  418040_10151239082940298_550765297_23476778_280207692_n   426331_318411694868694_233348253375039_894795_1747913111_n 431572_318411618202035_233348253375039_894793_1814486935_n

“Schism” was featured at the 2012 NOSFA Film Festival.

430700_318409168202280_233348253375039_894728_924654735_n  10262058_10203553116645410_6653453524999113153_n

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