Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

I have had this set of silicon lip prosthetic for 4 years and I finally found them again in my box

I used to sell these when I owned a Halloween store, got a huge supply and still have a few pieces left to sell.

of pieces and gave into the trend of “plastic surgery” look.


To be honest I have never done anything covering the lips except for trying a lip tattoo once. This brand works just like a rub on tattoo, I’ve used smaller bits from other sets and sometimes the smaller they are its too much hassle. I’d rather just use scar putty and latex and do it myself.

But these are nicely formed and stick really well. I did cover the edges with latex just to make sure they blended and stayed longer while talking.

As pink as they look in the photo, they are more just a netural skin color, so I got some super high gloss pink lipstick and blended it in to give a realistic effect.



The rest of the look was 2 cuts with just latex and blood gel, stippling blood over brusing with eye shadow and using a black cake eyeliner to draw the medical lines. It’s such a simple look but after posting it online I had multiple messages like this one, asking if I was ok! lol it’s just some makeup guys!

and really you couldn’t tell it was fake with my stupid voice lol sillys.

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