Pin Up Boudoir Birthday

This 60’s Pin Up Photoshoot for Lea’s birthday turned out so amazing. I was trying out a new glitter shadow that I got and I am very happy with the turn out, even in black and white!

Photos by Matthew Goertz

Lea wrote a beautiful piece about the power of doing a pinup/boudoir shoot that I am going to share with you:

I absolutely love boudoir and pinup photography. I would encourage anyone and everyone to book a photo shoot and figure out a theme that matches your personality and look, no matter your age, gender, or budget. You can be fully dressed or fully naked, or somewhere in between! You can wear something fancy or your favourite ripped jeans; wear whatever makes you feel good! These are some of my absolute favourite shots by Matt Goertz (a good friend and terrific photographer) from my most recent photo shoot. I love dressing up and I love collaborating with talented friends. I think 35 is starting off just fine 😄💋. If you’re interested in doing a photo shoot, message me and I can recommend photographers and makeup artists and tell you fun places to find props and costumes! You don’t have to be super slim or super feminine to take pretty pictures (though both are fine), all you need is an idea and imagination!

First she had her cute getting ready and working from home writing set. (the writing from home is serious, she’s going to write a piece in October 2018’s issue of the Walleye about me!)

Next for the boudoir series!

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