Nerd Nite does Halloween

I hosted my 1st Nerd Nite presentation for Science North on October 27th. I did my normal power point presentation, (that I do for students and workshops) focused more on my career and how I learned DIY special effects makeup and what I get hired for.

Sue of Seek Adventure & Tours did her presentation after about her haunted tours and food/forest therapy tours. Please go check her out!

I also then had fun doing a quick live makeup demo. I premade a fish jawline, used a eye mask that I had gotten years ago which had see through black mesh for an eyeless look. The makeup was all water activated wolfe fx paints, the teeth were stiletto press on nails and i made a quick little colour changing LED headband light. The whole look took me 15 mintues to apply and paint. While I was working I was also giving out angler fish facts because they were hints to questions during the trivia game which was happening afterwards.

replicating the sensory spots so she wasn’t just red.
did you know most deep sea fish are dark red because it absorbs blue light and makes it “invisible” to other prey who can’t see that side of the colour spectrum?

Thank you so much to Science North and Sleeping Giant Brewery for having me and I (and Lea) will be back for more Nerd Nite talks! Check out their facebook to see what next month’s night is about!

Dave trivia host of Science North, Lea, Me, Emily coordinator of Science North and Sue of Seek Adventure & Tours (the other terrific presenter)

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