Little Lamb

I had a vision in my head that started with a photo like this:


I loved how cute it was and I was feeling like the snow falling would make a perfect photo. I am always trying to think of soft and high fantasy that is beautiful and cute.

I called Scott Hobbs to arrange a shoot for me and my little lamb (my step daughter Emily).

I made the horns out of a old couch cushion and by burning the grooves into them. It was my first time making anything like that but I think they turned out pretty good.

I wanted to base all the colours of lambs around white and cream to match Emily’s naturally curly blonde hair. I had a wig that matches so I could fit. We grabbed everything fine, white and lacy or cream coloured. The dress I am wearing is my wedding dress from and all fur accessories are by Silver Cedar Studio.

little lamb 2016

It never ended up snowing, and it was sooo cold in November that we had equipment issues and the wind picked up. So we only got the one photo and snow added in photoshop.

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