Lady Death Vs Lady Darkness

Can 2 Grim reapers be friends? In my new favorite comic book “Death Vigil” they can! but these 2 just can’t seem to get along.


I am always surprised by my models, they will do anything to get great photos, even wear corsets in -25 degree winter weather!

The beautiful scenery is located at the Despres Metal Artwork studio. Lea and Diane modelingfor Lea’s idea.

“The inspiration? Well I did that photo shoot with Shelley because I love cemeteries and skulls and morbid things, and it was awesome. But it ended up being a bit too bright and cheerful. Which is great, I love the juxtaposition if a happy cheerful cemetery, but I wanted a bit of a scarier vibe. Enter lady death and lady darkness.”

Photos by Mathew Goertz

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