“Funnel of Love” by Corey Nickolaus

The second film that I have worked on with Corey. This one we pushed our DIY special effects ideas even more! He was making this film for his 2nd year for Conflix, and was nominated for best director and best special effects in the 2013 Montreal Burlesque and Horror film Festival .


“Funnel of Love” is the story of a man lost in all the love in the world, uncontrolled. (this is my interpretation of the film) Felling like a fool, he let’s his love loose..to kill.

428238_10151237620225484_526595483_22850680_1840519816_n Figuring out how to do a up close stabbing scene was fun and a challenge for me, as I am not formally trained in this. Using apple boxes, a blood pumping rig I made and real pig skin is how we got this close effect.

When Corey asked for a beating heart outside of a chest, I didn’t want to go buy a cheesy dollar store Halloween heart (especially because it was February) and I wanted to go full gore: I got a real lambs heart from the butcher shop. I rigged my own small air pump system with a balloon, fish tank tubing, cellophane, and a air bladder from my dog’s squeaky toy.

IMG_1927 IMG_1945 IMG_1957 Untitled

Final Product:Funnel of Love heart rip SPFX

Corey has posted the full film online here:


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