Drag: Queen Portia

one of the first times recontouring and eliminating her natural brows to draw on new ones

I have been in love with drag performance ever since I watched “To Wong Fu Thanks for Everything”. When my good friend told me he wanted me to paint him for his new drag persona, Portia, I gasped and shouted Yes!!!!!

We started working together in 2012 (but have been friends since 2002). Doing makeup on someone else is one thing, and its hard to begin with. Doing drag makeup on 1. someone else and 2. on a man is even harder! But its also funner and more creative!

Portia has been crowned Queen twice in Thunder Bay’s Wig Wars, the local Drag Queen and King competition. In 2014 Portia decided that she wanted to keep her beard and it added a whole new level to our makeup collaboration! Also we started to wax and brow sculpt so we could use her natural ones instead of the very hard job of covering them up.

breadqueen 10744901_10154784083220298_371684767_n


dereltic 2014 IMG_3233lr

I love doing drag makeup and being apart of such a creative and awesome community.

Team RBF
Team RBF


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