DC Super Girls

Leah once again the ever fun-loving nerdy girl got us in for a fun shoot, doing a mix match of DC Super Girls. I did the makeup and the hair for everyone. I even got in the modeling mix as sexy Bane.

Leah really liked the idea of the business quick change that Superman gets so SuperGirl, Wonderwoman, Catwoman and Bane were all working office jobs when we had to fight!



The wonderful Scott Hobbs shot this and we used some pretty cool tricks to make Bane look extra strong. ( I’m really not that strong.. I can barely open a pop can).


ps.. in this pic I was actually napping on the stairs, waiting for everyone else to get their shots done, my corset was super tight and it was hard to keep breathing in the mask.. but then I woke up to Supergirl punching me!

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