Costume Upgrading

I love taking a old costume that is pretty plain and blah and turning it into something terrifying or magical!

costume upgrade40$ Party City mask upgraded to something way more gross and horrifying then something that looks pretty stupid.

I also will make custom props for stage and photos: Like my hypno-cobra that rises up and down out of his basket with glowing eyes and Grimmace’s turban

Photo of Grimmace the Buttler photo by Ascension


12167112_10156165881010298_1027727663_n Took a weird plain pair of fred flinstone halloween costume feet. even though they noly had 3 toes, I still thought because they were big enough I could make them into hobbit feet. I added toe nails, hair, viens, scabs and colouring.


nails 6 nails 5  I also like to make small upgrades like zombie nails. Using just a plain set of press on nails. I added flesh, sticky blood, would and ripped up the edges.

nails 7

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