Candice + Andrew

In September 2016 a magical time hole opened up just in time for Candice’s and Andrew’s wedding and all sorts of peoples came from different times to celebrate their love. Even the wedding party looked as if they stepped out of a Victorian time.

  • photos – DZ photography
  • mua + nails – me
  • hair – Hair Infinty Salon
  • dresses, ties, and bouquets – hand made by the bride!!!

click to make larger


15027614_1348055901880623_2815022455392892827_n 14993532_1348056308547249_8023229055328686598_n15027838_1348055568547323_7583809885084872225_n 15036212_1348055351880678_3886849798092472151_n

15036683_1348056251880588_8594003018184186088_n 15085520_1348056191880594_1443083429842345181_n15037195_1348056008547279_4550874891776493612_n15109340_1348056511880562_1367406958830940226_n15036647_1348055951880618_8700629916764856857_n


Candice and I are friends and my husband and I were invited to the wedding, as it was time traveler themed we went hardcore as Woad painted Picts.


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