Blood 2 Blood Campaign

Blood 2 Blood was a multimedia campaign for the AIDS Thunder Bay for Hepatitis C awareness. This multimedia crossed film, tv, online and live performance pieces at local highschools.

magnet local

“Blood 2 Blood is Hepatitis C awareness project created by AIDS Thunder Bay, which starts with a simple message: Hep C is a virus spread through blood to blood contact. The reason for this project is that a lot of people don’t know much about Hep C or have misconceptions about the virus. This is why we are creating engaging and accessible resources with the right information on Hep C. Some of our resources include comic books, matchbooks, posters, a play (which will be viewable on YouTube, and even a smart phone App. We’re also running a public education campaign that you’ll be seeing over the next few months.”

I was very happy to make this aware, I have many close friends who suffer from it, and from working in the tattoo and spa industries: hepatitis is very scary and something I am always aware of.

I worked on the film aspect, again with my director Curtis Jensen. Working on having healthy natural looks to a tired, worn down, sick look.

healthy, natural
healthy, natural
sick and worn down
sick and worn down









With this making them look a bit more sicker for film is hard, you don’t want to portray that being sick with Hep C or going through treatment is horrific: I know many people who have Hep. C who look fine, they get sick a lot but they don’t look like zombies.

In fact that was the repeated mantra for the shoot: there are no zombies here for once.

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